Beginners’ Guides to Buying Crypto: Money, Markets, and Governance

Reddit user peacheswithpeaches has created a few URLs with step-by-step instructions on how to buy some of the more popular decentralized app tokens.

Eth: Golem: Siacoin:

Aragon: Augur: Status:

Each of these tokens falls under my general pioneer principle for new-world-investing: markets, money, and governance. Startups that dominate these three categories in new industries will be the backbone that profits from the success of virtually any other company in that space. Any venture whatsoever requires a location in which to operate, a medium to facilitate exchange, and a program to normalize behavior and resolve disputes.

This is akin to buying securities in Amazon, the Federal Reserve, and the U.S. Treasury. Even if a company that sells products on Amazon loses money, Amazon still profits from their business activity, and the US Government still collects their tax payments. Investments in these categories tend to be less risky while offering slow but steady growth over the long term. Sometimes, they end up being “too big to fail”, and only collapse when the entire space collapses. Once a large number of smaller ventures adopt these systems as industry standards, it becomes very difficult for competitors to enter the field, because startup costs are enormous to compete at such a large scale, and they’d have to offer existing users a tremendous incentive and benefit to offset the costs of transitioning. Many smaller ventures even become so intertwined with these systems that it actually becomes impossible to disentangle themselves.

Success is in no way guaranteed, however, especially at such an early stage in the development of the industry. However, with the talent-pool so small and brands and partnerships already established, it seems increasingly likely that this network of services will play a fundamental role in new economy of Web 3.0.