EtherEpoch is a site and service to provide cryptocurrency news, analysis, and reviews to help businesses and consumers transition to the future of finance and exchange. Within the next decade, virtually all commerce will be digital and decentralized. The learning-curve is steep but becoming more user-friendly by the day. EtherEpoch helps you bridge the gap from the past to the future to pioneer the new economic landscape by cutting through all the excess technical details to provide pertinent, material information to create more value faster.

In this blog, you will find news on cryptocurrency events related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins and tokens. We will provide analysis of developments, companies, applications, risks, and legal and societal implications in the cryptocurrency industry. We will also review hardware components and software programs needed to succeed in the new economy.

This is unmapped terrain, and we’re here to help you explore and create. We give advice, solve problems, and make decisions. Our staff includes Computer Engineers, Business Executives, Philosophers, Psychologists, Legal Professionals, and one or two Wizards. In other words, whatever your problem is, we can help. Our goal is to become a top resource for information, consulting, and assistance in the cryptocurrency industry, meaning the entire economy of the future. But ultimately, we want to accelerate the implementation and adoption of blockchain technology and decentralization so every community in the world can benefit from the revolutionary features it offers.

Many fundamental concepts and principles will soon be made obsolete by this new technology. The old ways of thinking and doing business now only have purpose insofar as they sustain our activity during this transition. Blockchain, crypotocurrency, and decentralized applications will be more transformative and disruptive than even the original introduction of the internet to the mass market. The potential for unlimited value is here now. Will you be among the first who seize this new day?